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[Jaina has a massive pile of random components. It probably only makes sense to her and possibly anyone else who is as machine crazed as she is. But that's okay, she's ready to dive right in.

She grins at the thought of this project. The lopsided Solo trademark one, of course.]

Oh, this is gonna be good.
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[ Jacen has no clue what the electronics mean. He just knows he got to dig through the ground and helpfully nudge rodents out of the way.

He smiles as a caterpillar crawls up his sleeve, leaving behind a wire in its wake. ]

Oh ... you need some copper, right?
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[ Jacen tilts his head to watch the bugs, and smiles. He shakes his head at the caterpillar and sends it off. ]


--okay, I stole half of that from Anakin's latest droid.
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[Leia chuckles]

Well, you are definitely your father's daughter...

[She studies it]

What's it going to be?