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The door opens and six puppies run in, followed by one Miss Amelia (Allana Djo) Solo, who is carrying one more puppy.

You're being chewed on by Hannabeth. It is good luck.
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Preteen Anakin jr does not see this as good luck. He whines, "Ughhh," and moves his leg (though doesn't actually kick the creature, because Jacen would leap out of the shadows and probably punch him; he just nudges the beast a little).

He starts scooping up his lightsaber components into his satchel, in anticipation of more puppy attacks.
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Anakin quickly buckles the satchel and starts to rise from his chair, before being knocked over by the puppies.

What is this!!! He closes his eyes and starts thinking about defence techniques, but realises he can't feel any malice from the small animals. Just ... a lot of licking.

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"Yes, stop attacking people."

Anakin waves his only free hand. Unfortunately, he hasn't mastered Jedi Mind Tricks yet, and is particularly ineffective against animals. One puppy pauses, but the rest continue to ~greet~ him enthusiastically -- at least until Allana gets close enough to control them.
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Anakin removes the arm shielding his face and opens his eyes. Okay. Creatures gone. Well, still nearby, he can sense, but under the control of someone. He sits up and squints at the little girl.

"Are ... are these all your dogs?"
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*is jumped on and nibbled*

Messy good luck though...