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Vader has shut you in a room

[you awake to find yourself wrapped tightly in what appears to be a blanket burrito. There are other motionless lumps around you, and you pray they aren't squeezed to death]
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Leia wakes up from a nice dream about pancakes. She unsuccessfully tries to wiggle.

"Vader. Vader, no."
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"Safe from what?" Leia angrily thrashes. "Dictators who wrap their grown children in blanket burritos?"
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Anakin wakes up to his grandfather shouting. Must be a day of the week.

He tries to reach for his lightsaber. No dice. He shakes his head and calls, "Mom? Tell him I'm going to be late for Jedi school."
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To be fair, Tarc isn't a Jedi student.

He just looks like one.

And that's why a small boy with a holocam is creeping around.