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Asajj has decided the Force has the worst ironic sense of humor and is drinking to try and deal with this.

[OOC - Here's a quick write up of where I see Asajj post-Dark Disciple. Warnings for spoilers.]
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The interesting about this place is that, even if on the other side of that excellently placed door he is distinctly lacking in corporeality, here Anakin gets to have his own body back again. Completely back, as he hadn't even since the start of the Clone Wars (let alone the darkest years of his life).

So there is a man who looks to be in his mid-thirties (he looks young for the age he died) with a few fairly nasty looking scars and a powerful presence in the Force sitting in a corner, tinkering away. In point of fact, he's working on a lightsaber design--Ezra Bridger's gun-saber specifically. An interesting idea, but clunky.

And so Anakin, perfectionist that he can be, is enjoying this chance to try to make it work.
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The door opens and six puppies run in, followed by one Miss Amelia (Allana Djo) Solo, who is carrying one more puppy.

You're being chewed on by Hannabeth. It is good luck.
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[Jaina has a massive pile of random components. It probably only makes sense to her and possibly anyone else who is as machine crazed as she is. But that's okay, she's ready to dive right in.

She grins at the thought of this project. The lopsided Solo trademark one, of course.]

Oh, this is gonna be good.
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I know I'm a baby compared to my cousins, but at least I don't have to worry about my name having problems like cousin Anakin did.

[ ... nobody tell him ... ]
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[you awake to find yourself wrapped tightly in what appears to be a blanket burrito. There are other motionless lumps around you, and you pray they aren't squeezed to death]
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[ Jacen has just returned home to Coruscant for the first time since his failed attempt to free Yuuzhan Vong slaves on Belkadan. He's pretty torn up inside, barely trusting in himself let alone the Force. And he's a little torn up on the outside, he thinks ruefully, fingering the scar left on his cheek from Uncle Luke cutting out the coral implant the Yuuzhan Vong had tried to enslave him with after his capture.

He collapses on his bed with the sort of dramatic sigh only sixteen-year-olds can muster, then sits up again. He rearranges objects on his bedside table, then stops with a frown. The drawer is solidly taped up.

He fails to peel away the tape and sighs again before reaching over to Anakin's cluttered desk for a discarded multitool so he can cut it away inst-- ]


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I can't find any cables that haven't been chewed through, all my circuit boards are covered in fur, and I woke up today with three lizards in my hair.

Why do I have to share a room with Jacen?!

I'm going to call Coruscant Animal Control.