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TFA-era, mysteriously corporeal dead guy

The interesting about this place is that, even if on the other side of that excellently placed door he is distinctly lacking in corporeality, here Anakin gets to have his own body back again. Completely back, as he hadn't even since the start of the Clone Wars (let alone the darkest years of his life).

So there is a man who looks to be in his mid-thirties (he looks young for the age he died) with a few fairly nasty looking scars and a powerful presence in the Force sitting in a corner, tinkering away. In point of fact, he's working on a lightsaber design--Ezra Bridger's gun-saber specifically. An interesting idea, but clunky.

And so Anakin, perfectionist that he can be, is enjoying this chance to try to make it work.
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Anakin can't help but be drawn to the strong Force presence. It's brighter than Kyp Durron, brighter than his Uncle Luke -- probably brighter than himself, if he could accurately sense himself.

He watches the man from a booth or two away for several minutes before approaching.

"What are you building?"
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Anakin nods thoughtfully and watches the man work, frowning slightly.

"Is that -- a lightsaber and a blaster?"

Whoa. Even Jaina never thought of anything like that, and Jaina's the smartest lightsaber-builder Anakin jr knows so far.
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"Who?" Anakin's excitement is evident in his voice. Is this someone in his class? Or the twins' class? Someone he can learn from? After all, they all came late to training -- in fact, he and the twins probably had the most advantages, growing up with Uncle Luke.
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"Ezra Bridger," Anakin jr echoes, then shakes his head. Definitely not a student in his class, probably not in the twins', and not someone he's heard of in general.

"--oh." Yeah, timelines get ... confused, here. "I was born ten years after the first Death Star was destroyed, if that helps."
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Anakin's busy working out the math of fifteen years before when the name Luke hits him like a brick.

"You mean my Uncle Luke?"

And hold on just one nanosecond, why does this older guy feel so bright and familiar...?
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The back of Anakin jr's mind is working out the math, and the fact that this may or may not be his grandfather pre-Vader. The front is thinking about the Clone Wars, and all this history he's never heard about because, well, Vader and Palpatine destroyed a lot of it. But if this is Anakin Skywalker...

"I heard of Depa Billaba," he says faintly. "She was Master Windu's apprentice, wasn't she?

"But my mom's not here right now to ask about the rest," he adds, looking his grandfather in the eye.
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Anakin nods, smiling faintly. Depa Billaba, the little he's managed to read about her-- well, she's a personal hero.

He glances at the half-built 'saber -- he's genuinely interested in its inner workings, how someone could use the same battery pack to power a lightsaber blade and a blaster pistol without conflict -- but he tears away his gaze.

"Anakin Solo," he answers, and lifts his chin pridefully.
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Anakin pauses, here. Looks at his grandfather, looks away at the door that's already taught him time travel and alternate universes are possible, then back at Grandfather.

"Ben," he whispers.

"They only had one kid?"
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Anakin ducks his head; when he brings it up to finish the nod, his smile is bright again.

"Jacen and Jaina, twins. Jaina's older by five minutes, she likes mechanics and ships. Jacen likes animals."

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At first, Anakin grins because he has something in common with his grandpa-- then he bites his lip and shakes his head. Maybe he should like animals, too? But no, they're kinda gross.

"I guess Jacen would get on really well with Master Kenobi."
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"I can fly."

But not as well as Jaina, he can't keep himself from thinking.
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"I'm good with computers," he decides after a second, a little too eager to please his grandfather (despite still being wary of him). "Jaina might build better cages for Jacen's pets, but I'm the one who reprograms the alarms so Dad doesn't realise there are snakes in the apartment."

(He'll find his real strength -- leadership -- in about five years, and promptly die of it. So we'll give him computers for now.)